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One of My Writing Spaces

Cecilia over at thekitchensgarden recently posted photographs of her writing space and suggested her readers do the same. So here are my photographs.

I have a very messy, ordinary desk where I do most of my writing, and where I’m sitting now, but Cecilia mentioned ‘favourite things’ about your writing space. So with that in mind I’ve taken some photos of my living room, which we’ve just rearranged and which is my favourite room in the house at the moment.

It’s also the spot where I’ve been doing most of the scribbling about my NaNo WriMo novel. So here’s the spot at lunchtime (couscous with chicken and cabbage, in case you were wondering), complete with my notebook, some scene cards and my vision board.

A foldout table and chair, with my visionboard, my notebook and my lunch bowl.

A yellow wall with a clock, two noticeboards with scene cards and two chairs.Okay, I cheated a little bit. The vision board is usually up on the wall next to my storyboard, but I moved it when the landlady came the other day (didn’t want her wondering what I was decorating the place with). It was on another table to the right of the photo, but I moved it because the other table was a bit of a mess. It’s gradually migrating back to the wall. I expect it will move to the coffee table next.

I like this spot for writing because it has plenty of light (during blue sky days) and if I look across to the other side of the room, I can see my storyboard. This gives me confidence that I do have the bones of a story and allays some of my nervousness about November.

So, now it’s your turn. Do you have a photo of your writing space? Please post and then share your link in the comments below.