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Take Your Writing Seriously – Make a Poster

A poster with the words "Caution! Painting With Words"

Poster of my own creation, with photograph from Microsoft Clip Art

At the moment I’m living in a busy household with lots of distractions and interruptions. My writing time is suffering.

I decided I needed to send everyone, especially myself, a clear message. I needed a poster to stick on my door to show when I’m writing – to ward off those continuing interruptions (from family and from myself).

A poster with the text "#amwriting therefore #ambusy"

Another poster of my own creation with a photograph from Microsoft Clip Art

So for the past few days I’ve been experimenting with all sorts of designs. I’ve added my favourites to this post.

They’re all fun, but sometimes the simplest is still the best.

A street sign with the words "Writer At Work!"

All elements created by moi.

Having a poster serves two purposes:

  1. It clearly shows others when you’ve set aside time to write. If they continue to interrupt, you can point out your sign and say you’ll be with them after your writing time is up.
  2. Most importantly, it encourages you to take your writing time seriously.

Why not take a couple of minutes right now to make your own poster or sign declaring yourself a writer?

If you’re too busy for that, you can click on one of the above images to get a bigger version and use it instead. (Sorry, I don’t have high-resolution versions for print so they may come out a little fuzzy.)

What have you done to take yourself seriously as a writer? Let us know in the comments.