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3 Pinterest Boards Designed to Inspire Your Writing

I’ve had a pretty rubbish week healthwise, so I’m not yet ready to release my new e-book. It’s still in the works and will be appearing soon. In the meantime I’ve got plenty of other stuff to share.

Pinterest has taken the world by storm and it’s an addictive way to spend your time online.

As writers, we try not to allow too many distractions keep us from the page, but there are days (like I’ve had this week) when the page is not our friend.

We need some fresh inspiration to keep us and our Creativity going. Pinterest offers plenty of opportunities if you know what you’re looking for.

Many people use Pinterest to find great writing quotes, but that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Here are three Pinterest boards I’ve put together to get you writing again.

Pinterest-Visual-Writing-PromptsVisual Writing Prompts

We’re all familiar with writing prompts and how much fun they are to use. However, writing prompts come in many different forms.

Images make great writing prompts. They provide us with an immediate mental picture to work with. They can also evoke memories and emotional responses. Sounds like fantastic writing fodder, doesn’t it?

What should you look for in a visual writing prompt? The simple answer is: Anything that captures your curiosity. Anything that makes your Creativity sit up and take an interest in proceedings.

Wanna have a try? I’ve created a Visual Writing Prompts board to get you started.

Pinterest-World-BuildingWorld Building

Location and setting are very important when writing. But sometimes we find ourselves short of ideas. It can be difficult to describe a place’s unique elements when you don’t have some kind of image in front of you.

Pinterest provides a plethora of images from all over the globe for your viewing pleasure. There’s everything from basic bedrooms and kitchens to landscapes alien enough for even the most hardcore sci-fi writers.

If you’re stuck on where to set your scene, have a look at my World Building board for some ideas.

Pinterest-Caption-ThisCaption Images

If a story is too much for you to contemplate right now, why not aim for just a sentence or two?

One of my favourite games is ‘Caption This’ where you’re given an image and you have to come up with a caption which puts the image into words, or provides a back story to what you see. As a writer, it’s a fantastic creative warm up.

Of course, not everyone will appreciate you captioning their images, so I suggest you either create your own board especially for the game or pop over to my Caption This… board and join in the fun.

I’m sure there are heaps of other ways you can use Pinterest to inspire your writing. What’s you’re favourite way? Let us know in the comments with a link to your boards!