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Random Announcements

Paving and dirt

My head is all in a muddle after a very intense weekend, so I will just stick to the important things I wanted to share this morning.

Well, the oval is coming along nicely. Large square bricks have been put down over the top of the concrete ‘walls’ and dark sand is now being spread about. From my careful observations over the past week, I’ve worked out that the inside of the oval is about 6 inches to a foot lower than the surrounding area. The significance? Still no idea.

In other news, this is National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week. Please pop over to the website and take a look. A surprising number of people are struggling with invisible illnesses like arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes etc. which have a constant impact on their life. So why not take the time this week to send a note of appreciation or encouragement, letting them know they’re important in your life?

And finally, I highly recommend popping over to A Big Creative Yes and reading the article The False Promise of the Double Zero. It’s very thought provoking and amusing.