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‘Tis the End of November

mysterious ovalBefore I go any further, I’d like to congratulate my brother Tristan and my friend MJ for winning NaNo WriMo! Well done! I throw cyber confetti at you in abundance and dance around like a maniac in your honour.

I must apologise to my readers for the complete lack of communication of late. Life, always one to start poking holes in perfectly good plans, has taken to November with relish, and quite a bit of ketchup. I’ve been sick, my brother’s been sick, my brother had to return to Australia early, I had visitors and in amongst all of that I’ve been battling to get paying work done.

While the above list doesn’t sound like much, suffice it to say it’s only in the past week that I’ve begun feeling like my old self again. And, just as I’m feeling well enough to blog, WordPress is blocked in China again.

So, once again let’s give a big round of applause to Evan, Administrator Chimp Extraordinaire, for his help.

To recap my month:

  • I wrote 17,000 words on a new novel (before I got completely swamped by Life) which glisten with potential if not yet the lustre of good writing.
  • I’ve collected more ideas for blog posts, which should be coming to you in the near future.
  • The mysterious oval in the school below has progressed (see above)! Now it is covered in bitumen. It looks very neat, and is being used as an exercise area. Hmmm. Is it to become a running track perhaps?

I thank you all for your patience and hope to reward it soon with some more content.

Until then, let us know how your November went. Let’s celebrate or commiserate together!

P.S. Seth Godin recently wrote this brilliant post entitled ‘Where Do Ideas Come From?‘ It only takes a minute to read and every point is spot on!