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The Library: When Henry Caught Imaginitis

When Henry Caught ImaginitisContinuing with the theme of ‘childishness,’ our latest addition to The Library is a children’s picture book – When Henry Caught Imaginitis written and illustrated by Nick Bland.

Unfortunately, this book is currently out of print, but if you can find it in your local library I highly recommend taking a look – especially if you’re an adult.

It tells the story of Henry, a little boy who is far too practical for his own good, until one day he catches Imaginitis which throws his life into chaos. Gradually he discovers the joy of throwing practical considerations (like ‘never eat anything bigger than your head’) out the window and embracing his new found ability to imagine.

The detailed illustrations start out in monotone, and creep into colour as Henry’s imagination blossoms. It’s a beautiful reminder of what wonders we experienced as children, and what we wish we could recapture as adults.

In fact, if you’re in a ‘creative slump,’ children’s books do a wonderful job of raising the spirits and reminding you how thinking like a child brings many creative rewards.

Have you read any good children’s books lately?