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What Are You Exchanging Your Life For?

How do you decide the price of something? How much money it costs? How long it takes to do? What you have to give up in the process? How many bars of chocolate it equates to?

Here’s an interesting quote by Henry Thoreau, an American poet who lived in the 1800’s:

“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.”

So what are you exchanging your life for? What are you exchanging your Creativity’s life for?

SpringYou see, each Creativity is like a spring, with their latent potential all bound up inside your head. What will they accomplish? It all depends on what is in that unique spring and how much opportunity you give your Creativity to unleash.

Think back over the great works of men and women who have let their Creativities run wild. Famous writers, artists, musicians, designers, inventors, speakers etc. Imagine their Creativities working away inside their heads, releasing their energies and ideas for the world to use, admire and remember.

Now take one of those names, your favourite, and imagine what would have happened if that person had not let their Creativity release. What would the world have missed? What would never have come after?

Take that one step further. Think of the unique gift you have. What will the world miss if you don’t let your Creativity go? What potential is bound up in your head?

What are you exchanging your Creativity’s life for?