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Your Opinions on an Idea

childRecently I’ve been considering ways I could use the concept of Creativity’s Workshop to help a wider audience come to discover and understand their inner Creativity.

One idea which I’m toying with is putting together a short course (an hour or two long maybe) of lecture and activities for school children. I’ve been thinking of creating a PowerPoint Presentation based on the first several posts of this blog, explaining how Creativity works and providing opportunity through activities for the participants to get to know their Creativity.

I’ve recently been learning about child development, and it’s been mentioned that children 12 years and up begin to think logically about abstract things. So I’m thinking that period of time might be a good opportunity to capture their childlike wonder and  curiosity at a point where they’d hopefully be able to get their minds around an odd and abstract take on the subject.

The idea is still in its infant stages – which means it’s big on potential, small on details and full of holes.

So I’d like to get your opinion on the matter. Do you think it’s plausible? Are there considerations to be factored in regarding age?

I’m really interested in your feedback. Please comment and let me know!