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Meeting Your Own Creativity

Hi! I’m Creativity. Specifically Jessica’s Creativity, but I figure I can speak for creativity in general the same as you can speak for humankind in general. Unless you’re a blog surfing macaw, in which case, you can speak for macawkind in general. Or…

Sorry, need to focus.

I’m Creativity, and my purpose here is to help you get to know your Creativity. Yep, that’s right. Everyone has their own Creativity inside them. The trick is introducing yourself and becoming friendly.

Jessica told me it will probably take you all a little while to get used to me. If I remember correctly, it took her a little while to get used to me as well. I worked on the principle of ‘if you want someone to recognise you and talk to you, don’t shut up.’ (You must remember not all Creativitys work on this principle. Some are quite shy – to begin with.) It worked! I annoyed her into speaking to me. And once she did, we got along famously. That’s not to say we haven’t had our quarrels. There was that time when I wanted her to wear a brilliant 1920’s style flapper hat to a social function and her Mum said no. I suppose it’s kinda difficult to make a decision when your Mum’s speaking louder than the voice in your head. But still, we get along very well…most of the time.

On a side point, while I think about it: Don’t worry if you and your Creativity have a falling out. Perhaps you’re in the middle of a falling out right now. If that’s the case, don’t panic. Just admit you’re wrong and apologise profusely. Let your Creativity win a couple of arguments and you’ll be back to best friends in no time.

But more on that another time.

Sorry. Focusing. What was I talking about? Introductions!


Are you on speaking terms with your inner Creativity? Most people know their Creativity is there, but they’re not actually friends with him/her. They think ‘it’ comes and goes as ‘it’ likes and they have to harness ‘it.’ Well, let me tell you ‘it’ works much better when you start treating ‘it’ like a him or her. But I’ll let Jessica go into more detail about that later.
Right now, we want you to find your inner Creativity and introduce yourself. That’s assuming you’re not already on speaking/crying/yelling/screaming/abusing terms.

So, I want you to close your eyes and…

…no I don’t, otherwise how will you read what I’m writing? 

New plan! I want you to relax. Clear your mind of all the impending jobs and decisions of your day.  Spread yourself some blank mental canvas. And keep reading.


Prepare Your Canvas

Prepare a blank mental canvas and start painting.

Now, begin by thinking of the words you think most describe your Creativity. These can be as nice or nasty as you like. Be honest! Inspiring, infuriating, pink, fickle, infantile, pungent, presumptuous, thin, egocentric, hysterical, floral, serious, fluffy, considerate, untruthful, triangular, strawberryesque…you get the idea. Just grab for words. Don’t think to hard.

Now go past words. Think about concepts, images, ideas, smells, sounds. Imagine what you love and what you hate about your Creativity. Envision what those aspects would look like. Try different colours, different shapes, different textures. Try human, try animal, try plant, try rocks, try water – liquid, ice, clouds.  

Don’t be afraid of throwing ideas, concepts, colours, words etc. at your canvas. Some will stick, others will slide off. The more you throw at it, the closer you’ll get. Go by gut instinct. If something doesn’t feel right, take it away and try something else. Be bold. Be italicized. But most of all, be excited.

How you going? Don’t rush it. You’re reaching out to a new friend. These things often are a little awkward to start with, and things rarely gel together on the first go. You may at this point have a rough, fuzzy idea forming on your canvas. You may have nothing at all. That’s fine. You may also find your mental canvas keeps slipping away from you. If this happens, get out pencil and paper and do it the old-fashioned way.

Once you’ve spent 5/10/15 minutes concentrating on your canvas, (and I mean actually concentrating, not checking your eyelids for holes) put it in a safe place. File it away in memory for the moment.

Congratulations. You’re a little closer in the process of getting to know your Creativity. Over the next couple of days, think back to your canvas and see if you can add anything more. For most people this is a gradual process. Think of it as coaxing a shy or stubborn someone out into the open. Slowly you should begin to see your Creativity’s personality, and perhaps even appearance begin to form. Be patient, but be active. Interact with him or her and try new things.

You may be one of those people who don’t have to get too labourious about the process. Your Creativity might just charge through your canvas, riding a pool noodle and screaming, “The sausages are invading. Someone grab the persimmon sauce!”  If this the case, I congratulate you. For the rest of you, your time will come if you continue adding little elements to your canvas.

Often you won’t fully understand or find your Creativity until you’ve discovered the space he or she lives in. But I will cover that more in my next post.

Till then, please leave comments. Tell me what words for your Creativity spring to mind. 🙂