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Introducing the Library

Apologies to my avid readers. All three of you. I’ve spent the past week either showing my cousin around the city or editing writing excerpts for an important application. Well, my application is in and my cousin has left so, hopefully, I’m now free to get back into blogging routine.

Shelves and shelves of booksAs a reward for your patience, I’d like to introduce a new category to this blog: The Library.

Basically this category will contain references to books, movies and music which I have found either stimulate Creativity, or help us to learn more about the creative process.

Our first candidate for The Library is a little unexpected. I know I didn’t expect it to be the first.

It is: The Complete Far Side.

My brother and I bought a copy of these whopper volumes for my parents’ wedding anniversary, and all four of us have been addicted to them ever since.  But then I’m always addicted to a Far Side book from the very first panel.

These volumes are even better than your everyday Far Side book, mainly because of the short essays by Gary Larson. He writes on a number of topics: his childhood, the quirks of  a comedian’s life, the unwritten rules of bedtime monsters, and the strong influence of Tarzan comics on his work.

The introduction by Jake Morrissey (Larson’s editor) provides insights into working with an extremely creative person. He mentions how he was struck by Larson’s willingness to be guided by his creativity. Flicking through these volumes you can see what he means.

If you can get your hands on these books, it’s well worth it. Touring the works and mind of a comedic and creative master provides insights, inspiration, and that wonderful realisation that he’s just a normal guy who wasn’t afraid to listen to his creativity, even when the ideas were strangely ridiculous. Isn’t that why we love his work so much?

Image credit: Microsoft Clip Art.