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The Musical Tints of Your World

Woman listening to headphones

Music changes the way we view things. It can wake you up in the morning or slow you down in the evening. It can bring sunshine to a rainy afternoon or intensify a scorching day. It can transport you to far off places, or reveal intricacies in familiar surroundings.

I especially love experimenting with different types of music as I walk the streets of China. One rainy evening I was walking past bright malls while playing cool jazz. For a moment I truly believed I was in New York.

A quick change to the Bourne Supremacy soundtrack (by John Powell) and I’m being chased through the streets of Moscow.

Another change to Bluehouse and I could swear I was in Sydney Chinatown.

My point?

Music enhances or highlights nuances of your surroundings, even embellishing them in places to fit the tone. This gives you a surprising amount of control over your perceptions.

So why not give some thought to your choice of music? Experiment with changing the style of music you listen to in certain places or at certain times. You may be surprised by the results. Ideas often come from new ways of looking at ordinary things.

You can put this to work in your writing as well. Compile a playlist of tracks for scenes, moods or characters you are working on. Sometimes just the lilt of a tune can help you put your finger on the phrasing you’re looking for.

Have you had any interesting experiences with the power of music?

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Image credit: Microsoft Clip Art