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Announcing My New Book: De-Stress Your Writing Life

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I mentioned last week that I had bold plans for this year. Along with offering One-on-One Creative Coaching Sessions, I’ve got something else to share with you. A new book!

The truth is, I’ve had the book De-Stress Your Writing Life on the back burner since the beginning of last year but I’ve been too busy to get stuck into it. So this year I’m trying something different. I’m going to blog this book into existence.

That’s right, every Friday you can read the next instalment of De-Stress Your Writing Life for free right here on Creativity’s Workshop.

What’s It All About?

I regularly see writers who are stressed or struggling to write. They’re facing so many barriers to their Creativity that writing is no longer enjoyable. It breaks my heart to see that happen, so I’m doing something about it. But most of all, I’m writing a book that I need as a writer.

I’m one of those people who can stress a little more than necessary in my everyday life and that stress often bleeds over into my writing life. I’ve seen the negative effects this has on my writing and how it’s held me back from producing my best work; sometimes from producing any work at all.

When I follow the three aspects of a de-stressed writing life (relaxed mindset, regular practice and positive follow-through) then I’m able to prolifically follow my dreams. I want to record these elements in a book form for my own reference, and also for other writers who face the same frustrations and limitations with their writing. With that in mind, I scoped out the book De-Stress Your Writing Life.

How Is It All Going to Work?

You’ll be seeing this book take shape right here on this blog, one week at a time over the coming year. The posts may be written out of order and there will be a few extra features that will only appear in the finished book form, but most of the information will appear on the blog first.

I welcome your feedback and suggestions as I write. I love reading your comments and personal experiences so please add them to the discussion as we go. Your comments may help me realise areas that I have to cover more thoroughly or alter in some way to be more useful to others.

I’m also going to include a new aspect to my blog. I will be adding a donate button to the end of posts for De-Stress Your Writing LifeDuring 2014 I want to turn this site from a fun blog with creative writing tips to a site full of resources for writes to keep them relaxed and writing creatively. To do that, I’m gonna need a little help.

The donate button will only appear on posts for De-Stress Your Writing Life, and everyone who donates will receive a free electronic copy of the book once it has reached completion. If you’d like to help Creativity’s Workshop take to flight, then click the button and get on board!

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Starting from next week, I’ll be publishing this book one post at a time. Are you ready to start de-stressing your writing life?