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A Tour of Creativity’s Space

Hi, I’m Jessica’s Creativity and this is my Workshop. What does my Workshop look like? Read on for a tour. 🙂

Welcome to my Workshop. I hope the trip down the rainbow slippery dip hasn’t disoriented you too much. There’s nothing like the crackle of static in the morning. Don’t worry about your hair sticking up. It’ll settle down eventually. I’d shake your hand but I’ve been told discharging people’s static without warning can be considered rude, so I’ll try to contain the urge.

You may notice you’re not standing on solid ground, but a trampoline. Try it out. It’s a lot of fun. Unfortunately, all the furniture tends to slide towards you as you walk past, but you’ll get used to that.

The Workshop’s roughly the size of an aircraft hangar but the bookcases, tables, filing cabinets, chairs, shelves and 1:5 model of the HMS Endeavour tend to make it look a little smaller. It is cluttered, but I love the clutter. I come up with some of my best ideas by seeing strange things lying next to each other. For instance, what story could you make about an ordinary wooden clothes peg and this dried puffer fish? Yes, well perhaps not the best story fodder that.

Oh, you noticed the Coffeepot for Masochists. I love it! I saw it on the cover of The Design of Everyday Things and thought it was the greatest thing. It reminds me that often the more unusable and crazy an idea is, the more it will stick in people’s heads – until it becomes an icon. But I’m sure I’ll write a post about it sometime so let’s keep moving.

That is indeed a collection of cocktail umbrellas. They’re great for playing with, but not so good in any actual weather.

I see the imposing ocean blue box in the corner has caught your eye. That’s my wardrobe. Very small? In a way. But my wardrobe doesn’t work on the same principle as yours. You see, I think of a piece of clothing. Think really hard with all the details. And then I open the door. Watch.

I’m thinking of a coral coloured 1920’s flapper dress with embroidered v neck and beaded tassels hanging from the skirt.

Now, open the door. See? Isn’t that great? I can imagine clothes onto characters, without the wardrobe, but sometimes you just need a blue box…because things don’t always need a reason.

This nook is where I bring characters to life. It’s cozy, and quiet, and padded with pastel cushions to ease characters into the world. Once they start developing their own personalities, then they get their own personalised alcove, until they’re ready to move out on their own. But I’ll explain more about that another time.

And this is my conservatory. There’s plenty of greenery, and unfortunately some brownery. The pink and blue trumpet flowers are particularly pungent right now. If you step on the plant’s roots, it’ll blow its trumpets at you in a terrific cacophony. Try it.

This is my Thinking Spot. Really any spot where I happen to be thinking is my thinking spot, but this is the spot I come to when I should be thinking or creating and just don’t feel like it. It’s got my favourite chair (a cushioned cane chair that creaks when you sit in it), a constant cup of tea, and a bottomless tin of chocolate biscuits. (Did I mention I don’t put on weight?)

The best thing about my Workshop is it’s always changing. If I don’t like something, or something doesn’t feel right today, I just change it. It’s so much easier than in your world.

That door on the left leads straight into Jessica’s Memory Library, but we don’t have time to go there today. I often pop in to check facts, smell books and annoy the librarian.

The door on the right takes you back out into your world. It’s only been a short visit, but I hope you can come back again soon. In the mean time, please comment with your name and the date of your visit so I can remember you. 🙂


7 thoughts on “A Tour of Creativity’s Space

  1. Me thinks me likes your creativity, or is it Tiv?

    Is she particular how other people refer to her? I like the trumpet vines and the special alcove for newly created characters.

    She seems to be quite chatty which is a good thing. I look forward to hearing what she has to say on the Coffeepot for Masochists! or was it more to say on unusable ideas?

    • Hi Amber. I’m glad you liked my Workshop! 😀

      I’m not terribly particular about how people refer to me. As long as they don’t call me an ‘it’ I’m happy.

      I am supremely chatty, although I’ve been told it can be both a good and a bad thing. Apparently there’s a time to speak and a time to shut up, but the latter is a complete mystery to me. Unless it’s the time you’re feeling particularly peeved and predominantly pouty, at which time I keep my mouth shut to make a point.

      Thanks for the reminder about the Coffeepot. I’d better go write myself a note about that…

  2. Hello, this is the other Jessica’s Creativity. With so many Jessicas in the world, eventually we’ll have to think of a way to distinguish ourselves more clearly…but that’s beside the point which I haven’t gotten to yet.

    I LOVE YOUR WORKSHOP!!! I’m going to set about building one of my own. I’ve no idea why I haven’t done so before. Did Jessica help you build yours, or did you do it all on your own?

    You’re absolutely right that things don’t always need a reason. I keep trying to tell Jessica that. Sometimes she listens and sometimes she doesn’t, and sometimes she agrees without needing to listen. She mostly does that when she’s really sleepy. For example, a month or two back, I was telling her the most delightful snippet of a story about a girl with a fascinating way of determining suitable suitors. If a man asked her out on a date, or seemed like he wanted to do so (she was very attractive and this happened VERY frequently), she would ask him whether or not he had ever pondered whether he’d been a Rastafarian monkey in a previous life. This worked out quite well as a way of determining whether he was a reasonable, honest fellow, or not. For, you see, if he said that he HAD pondered whether he’d been a Rastafarian monkey in a previous life, she knew that he was either crazy with a very peculiar and specific kind of crazy (which is, in fact, highly unlikely), or he just wanted to build common ground by telling lies, no matter how off the wall they might be. And, so, she would tell them that she simply could not date anyone who had, in any seriousness, considered whether he had been a Rastafarian monkey in a previous life. If, on the other hand, he looked at her as if SHE was crazy, she would merely laugh and tell him that a past potential suitor had extensively pondered whether he might have been a Rastafarian monkey in a previous life, and use the relating of this bizarre fact as a way to break the ice.

    Now, I know as well as the next person that this story snippet borders on the ludicrous, but, at the time, she merely enjoyed the story…at least until she woke up a trifle.

    I particularly enjoy your constant cup of tea, and your collection of cocktail umbrellas.

    You’ve given me much inspiration. It is high time I set about my construction plans. Thank you so very muchly for the tour and the company. Believe me, I shall visit frequently. Ta-ta!

    • Hi ‘Other Jessica’s Creativity.’ Yes, we will have to start collecting distinguishing marks. You can call me ‘Tiv’ if it makes things easier. 😉

      I did design my Workshop all on my own. I only let Jessica see it once I had things in place. But I’m always changing and adding to it. You must start on your own Workshop! Or whatever space you wish to inhabit. It is SO much fun. Once you do, let me know what it’s like!

      And thank you for the dating tip! I shall have to file that one away in my Life Skills collection right next to ‘Anagrams of Mother-In-Law.’ 😉

  3. I found this blog just yesterday, followed on twitter too. (Its Aluenvey.) I figured I forgot something.:/

  4. Thank you thank you thank you for letting me come play in your wonderful toy box! Oh, forgive the white horse hairs in your chair. It’s summer here, and I’m shedding bad. Have to get my human seeming to groom me again to reduce that. Hope you didn’t sit on them first! It is great meeting others who can slip and slide through the Mists!

    Mind if I come play again? Maybe you can show me another approach to innocent, mischievous pranks that I’ve missed through the years.

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