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You Too? Do You Daydream?

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A woman looking into the distance, daydreaming about what she is going to write.

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Welcome to another You Too? post, where each month we discuss a writing-related question. I particularly want to know your thoughts on the subject, so please weigh in by leaving a comment below.

This week I’m talking about daydreaming.

To start with, let’s define daydreaming. For the purposes of this post, we’re referring to that situation where your mind is wandering from the present, flitting off to greener imaginary pastures where idea fodder flows freely and stories materialize before your eyes. It may happen while sitting at your desk, commuting to work, sitting in a waiting room, having a shower, or washing the dishes.

Sound familiar?

Just about everyone daydreams from time to time. But as writers, daydreams may be more use than just a distraction from the present.

A ‘daydream’ could be an opportunity to flesh out a storyline, learn more about our characters, or play out scenarios in our head. What might be considered unexceptionable behavior in some circumstances (like the classroom) may be considered essential practice in others (like at your writing desk).

With that in mind, I’d love to know your thoughts on the following questions. You don’t have to answer them all. Just pick a couple that appeal to you and add your comment to the discussion below.

  • Do you daydream?
  • Do you call it ‘daydreaming’ or do you prefer to use another term?
  • Where/when do you daydream?
  • Do you feel it helps your writing?
  • Do you have any daydreaming tips or tricks?

I look forward to reading your thoughts!


Author: Jessica

I'm a writer who refuses to pin myself down to one genre, hopping from science-fiction and fantasy through to literary and even the odd western now and then. Check out what I've written at or follow me on Twitter @jessbaverstock.

One thought on “You Too? Do You Daydream?

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