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Needed: Your Input on My Cover for Baverstock’s Allsorts


Baverstock's Allsorts Cover Art Proof

Cover A

Baverstock's Allsorts Cover Art Proof

Cover B

Today I am in need of your help!

I’ve just received the gorgeous proofs of my cover art for Baverstock’s Allsorts (my upcoming collection of short, short stories) from my cover artist.

The short stories range from sci-fi to romance and comedy, therefore I’ve gone with an assorted candy theme.

But, as always, there are more decisions to be made.

The biggest decision I’m facing at the moment is how to display the name of my collection on the cover.

Up until now the collection has been called Baverstock’s Allsorts. However, as you can see in Cover B, removing ‘Baverstock’s’ means the title can be larger and perhaps more eye catching.

So, I have turned to my readers in the hope that your feedback will help me with the decision.

I would love to know your thoughts on the cover. Let me know which you prefer.

Please take the poll below and/or add your comments to this post.


Author: Jessica

I'm a writer who refuses to pin myself down to one genre, hopping from science-fiction and fantasy through to literary and even the odd western now and then. Check out what I've written at or follow me on Twitter @jessbaverstock.

13 thoughts on “Needed: Your Input on My Cover for Baverstock’s Allsorts

  1. Your last name is interesting – I say use it! I know what Allsorts are; I don’t know what Baverstock is, but I like it! 🙂

  2. I really like the second one, because otherwise Baverstock seems redundant. Otherwise excellent cover.

  3. Saw your Tweet on #myWana. Since I didn’t already know your name, Cover #1 makes me think at first glance that Baverstock is a character, rather than the author. HTH.

  4. Hi Jessica, I like the larger title without your name. I agree with EllenSeltz that Baverstock’s Allsorts would make me look for a character named Baverstock. Don’t waste your cover space by using your name twice. The larger title (Allsorts) will show up better on thumbnails. The larger title also allows for your name to be larger at the bottom of the cover. Be sure to let us know which cover you choose.

  5. I rushed in as quickly as I could to itemize points in favour of Option A. Why? Because you’re in danger of not selecting the best option for your bookcover.

    1. Social Aesthetics: Your name written in that deliciously regal candymaker font is simply charming. In addition to its intrinsic aesthetic value, it’s semantically necessary. To simply write: “Allsorts” will dismember the message you are trying to project from a long-held social meme of confectionery packaging. Behold the wrapper examples of ‘Bassetts Allsorts’, ‘Allen’s Minties’, ‘Smith’s Chips’ or ‘Wonka Bar’s. It is near impossible to imagine the product without first being comforted by the uniqueness of the brand name. To remove the name slams the product into a most affordable (but terribly uninteresting) “Generic” brand of goods.
    Your stories are most definitely not generic.

    2. Authorship: As a well-informed and experienced librarian, I can say that you would hardly be an author at all if your last name were not prominently emblazoned on the front of your book. While generally done the realm of autobiographies, to have it written twice is no misdemeanor either. The previous point proves clearly that the name must stay.
    For examples of prominent naming please refer to any one of the covers of: Stay Awake by Dan Chaon, Going To Meet The Man by James Baldwin, The Complete Works of Isaac Babel by Nathalie Babel or Battleborn by Claire Vaye Watkins.
    The titles borne by their books may have nothing to do with 80% of their works contained therein. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have done as they have for fear of confusing potential readers.
    In all your Allsorts idea is novel (har!), and brilliant.

    SuzanneG presents a good point in favour of Option B though. Thumbnails would look clearer with a one-worded title.
    My hearty congratulations on completing another work of literary delight, Ms Baverstock! May your cover-art perfectly reflect the sweet-awesome contained within.


    • Ah, Evan. I knew you would have plenty of input to add. Your first point is *very* persuasive!

      I appreciate your enthusiasm and your well thought out opinion. Thank you so much for adding it to the discussion. 😀

  6. Don’t like A or B
    Try this–ideas are free.

    AllSorts ( as it is now, I can’s set that font here)
    a collection of (as it is now, case font and size are o.k. but blackface)
    Short Stories (somewhat as large as Allsorts, white face, different font, experiment)
    Jessica Beaverstock (same font as now, but white face)

    If I made myself clear, 3 things should jump out



    Short Stories

    By Jessica Beaverstock

    Love the title Allsorts. Wish I’d thought of it.


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