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10 Treats to Keep Your Creativity Happy

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Hi, I’m Jessica’s Creativity and today you and I are going to plan a treat for your Creativity. Ready?!

Jessica is currently on holiday in England for a couple of months. There’s sunshine galore (surprising for the UK, no?) and a plethora of interesting things to see and do. As you can guess, that means very little writing.

Is that a bad thing?

Actually, it’s exactly what Doctor Creativity ordered! In fact, taking a break and immersing yourself in a completely different activity is something you should do for your Creativity on a regular basis, even if you have no plans to toddle across the globe in the near future.

You see, your Creativity is like a sponge. She/he laps up idea juice ready to use when you give her/him a gentle squeeze. But after a while your Creativity becomes tired, parched and…well, cranky. Yes! I’m not the only one! I’m sure there are other Creativities out there just like me! We shall form the CCU – Cranky Creativities Unite!


With this propensity to fatigue in mind, the wise writer schedules time for creative treats.

Like dogs, dolphins and small children, Creativities perform well when coaxed into action by the promise of treats. Small outings or even a simple change of routine can replenish the creative well that keeps we Creativities functioning at our whacky best.

Here are ten examples of treats you could give your Creativity. I recommend at least one per month for a happy, healthy creative buddy.

  • Take a Trip to a Museum. A little piece of history is a great spark for ideas. Each item has a story to tell, a journey that has brought it to this place and time.
  • Visit a Local Site. Have you noticed how rarely you visit your local landmarks and quirky spots? How many interesting nooks and crannies are near where you live? How many historical sites with stories just waiting to be told are within an hour’s toboggan ride from your house?
  • Read a New Book. Keep up the intake of literary goodness. If you want your Creativity to provide fresh words and ideas ,you need to keep up a steady flow of literature. (Isn’t that the perfect excuse to buy a new book? You can thank me later.)
  • Read a Favourite Book. Books that stick in our mind usually have a special what’s-it that draws us back again and again. Rereading those books can help infuse that element into your own writing – like standing too close to burning incense or yak dung…but in a good way.
  • Watch a Movie. If you don’t have the time to indulge yourself with a whole book, why not take a couple of hours to immerse yourself in a good movie (figuratively of course, although I don’t think you can drown in DVDs)? If you need tips on what to look for in a movie, try thinking like a scriptwriter.
  • Go to a Play. Live entertainment is a buzz to watch. Great plays suck you into the performance and make you feel like you’re a part of everything that’s going on. Your Creativity will exit on a high!
  • Take a Walk in a Park. Sometimes your Creativity just needs some space to restore herself/himself to equilibrium. Staring at those tall things with green hair – they’re either called trees or punk teenagers, I can never tell which – has a calming effect. It’s healing to not be in demand, even if only for a short time.
  • Visit an Inspirational Friend. If you’re privileged enough to have one of those friends that gets your creative juices pumping and inspires you to jump straight to a pen and paper, then organise regular visits. Remember to take chocolate or gifts or money so it’s a rewarding visit for all.
  • Go to the Library. If you find being surrounded by books has an uplifting effect, then pop over to your local library and sit among the shelves. Spend a quiet hour or two stroking book spines and reading pieces here and there. You can even take a few home with you, if you ask permission first.
  • Have a nothing day. Every now and then have a day when you do nothing. Just be yourself. Potter where your interests take you but don’t put the pressure of productivity on yourself. Enjoy just existing. Your Creativity may curl up and sleep, but perhaps that’s exactly what she/he needs.
  • Buy Your Creativity Something Nice. I personally love journals and pens, but they have to be the right journal or pen. I’m fussy. If I’m not happy, I won’t grace the pages with my presence. Is your Creativity the same? Why don’t you two go shopping and find the perfect item?

Well there’s the list. If you’ve been counting, you might have realised I sneaked in an extra number 11 treat. But this list is only the beginning. You can add anything and everything that your Creativity finds rewarding.

So comment below. What will you and your Creativity add to this list?

Remember, try to fit one in every month to keep your Creativity happy and healthy…and less cranky.


If you and your Creativity are struggling to get through the day, take a look at the free e-book Tips for Those Contemplating Insanity.


One thought on “10 Treats to Keep Your Creativity Happy

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