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If You’re Preparing For NaNo WriMo, Read These Posts

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The National Novel Writing Month starts in two weeks. Eek! Are you ready?

Unfortunately, I won’t be taking part in NaNo WriMo this year. I’m working on slowly getting back into routine. I think 2,000 words a day would kill me at this point.

However, I know that some of my readers are taking part. I’m giving you a big cheer and dollops of encouragement to get you through!

With our intrepid writers in mind, here are a few of my posts from last year on the subject of prepping for NaNo WriMo:

Last year I encouraged everyone to ‘declare their novel‘ with the hope that it would provide excitement and momentum going into November. It worked really well and everyone who participated seemed very enthused.

So I once again encourage anyone who is participating in NaNo WriMo to declare their novel below. Tell us a bit about what you’re planning for November, even if it’s just a phrase, location or character. Describe whatever has captured your imagination.

Share a little piece of what you’re working on so we can get behind you and cheer you on!

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