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Tips for Using Your Holiday to Replenish Your Creativity – Tips 1 and 2


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Hi there! I’m Jessica’s Creativity and I’m here to talk to you about using your time off to benefit your Creativity!

Ooooh. I just got white page fright.

Have you noticed how you can get the best ideas in the shower and then by the time you dry yourself off, get dressed and finally make it to the computer the words have disappeared? Gone off for a party somewhere else in your noggin I suspect. 

Now…how to conjure them back?….Try and remember the subject. 

Ah! Yes. We’re talking about how to use your holidays wisely – and these tips apply to any holidays (vacation trips to favourite destinations, seasonal holidays and enforced holidays for flu etc.). 

First Tip: Step Back From Your Work

You know the ol’ cliché: A watched pot never boils? Well the principle works for Creativities too. We usually clam up when directly watched. 

Sure, we may have started out with a great idea and helped you along with gusto in the initial stages, but as the sponge began to dry out and our eyeballs began to glaze we lost the impetus to make any useful contributions.

Therefore, a holiday is the perfect time to deliberately step away from what you’re working on. Give yourself and your Creativity time to recuperate. 

I know you don’t want to lose momentum, but I’ll let you in on a little secret. We Creativities usually come up with our best ideas when you aren’t looking, when you’re off doing something relaxing

So, there you go. Relaxing is good for you!

While you’re relaxing, keep the next tip in mind.

Second Tip: Spend Time With People

The beauty of time off from work means you can spend time with the important people in your life. Don’t shirk this or become miserly with how you spend your time. These people are your inspiration and support

Do things together with them. Listen to their thoughts. Enjoy their company.

If you don’t live near your family, even a phone call or e-mail can give you that special feeling of connection.

If you’re traveling, take the time to meet up with friends and make new friends along the way.

Does this help your Creativity? Yes!

A smile, hug, laugh, simple word from a loved one makes you feel happy. That happiness nurtures your Creativity like sunshine to a flower. 

Okay, maybe that all sounds a bit soppy, so let’s just say spending time with loved ones helps you relax, and relaxing provides your Creativity with a better environment for recovering from the intensive staring matches you’ve been inflicting on him/her. 

So go relax! Now! That’s an order!

And come back on Wednesday. I have more tips!


4 thoughts on “Tips for Using Your Holiday to Replenish Your Creativity – Tips 1 and 2

  1. I do the same, have a good idea, a whole perfect good idea,w ith a beginning, a middle and an end and then poof it is gone, now relax!! c

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