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NaNo WriMo Week 1 Highlights


Hello all! How did your first week of November go?

Mine went exceptionally well as far as word count is concerned. My draft is a delicious mess of unattributed dialogue, story notes in all caps and odd character moments. Already I’m having some trouble with a particular character who arrived in the story three chapters too early and then refused to turn up to dinner at her mother’s place, which I’ve had written on my plot cards for weeks (she’s going to be a handful, I can tell!).

As a side effect of all this writing, I have all sorts of ideas buzzing around in my head. I’ve been finding new pieces to a story I cooked up last month and I think I’ve solved a story problem for another project which has been bugging me for a couple of years. (Back! Back, I say! All you ideas must wait until December!) I’m making sure they’re being recorded in my journal, Evernote or e-mails so I can come back to them later.

Now, I’d like to implement something special for the month of November. Every Monday I’m going to put up a snippet of what I’ve written during the week, something I liked. It’s not going to be polished, or edited (unless it makes no sense without the changes), just put up to share.

Then all of you are welcome to add your little snippets from your week of writing. They don’t have to be brilliant pieces to blow us away. Just something cute, or funny, or special, or something you feel ‘clicked.’ Use this as an opportunity to realise what you’ve accomplished and get encouragement from your fellow writers.

Everyone is welcome to join in. You don’t have to be doing NaNo WriMo, and you don’t have to be writing a first draft. Share a snippet of something you’ve written this week and feel proud about it.

So here’s my offering. It’s from my first day of writing. My main character, Edward, is getting dressed for a wedding when someone makes an entrance. It was written in quite a flippant (almost P.G. Wodehouse style) manner, which I’ve since toned down considerably as I’ve written further – so it will doubtless not been seen in future drafts as it is now. So I figure it’s the perfect thing to share. (Remember, rough draft!)

At that moment the door to the bedroom where they were dressing burst open and in rushed a very disheveled toddler – his blonde hair looking like it had just been through a car wash, a chocolate smear down one side of his face and a red mark flushing up on the other. His [coat]tails made him look like an oversized cricket.

Running after the little chap came his sister, two years older and dressed as a flower girl, frills about the waist and bows in the hair.

‘Charles!’ she squealed. ‘Charles you’re all untucked!’

Charles scuttled around the room, squeaking and chirping as he ducked out of his sister’s reach.

Henry and Barry watched with great amusement.

‘Oh, Uncle Edward,’ the girl wailed. ‘Help me catch him.’

‘Uncle’ Edward (an honourary title he didn’t mind too much until such times as it necessitated him catching small, chocolate covered children) bent down to grab at the little fellow who, although his legs were spectacularly short and lumpy, made excellent time and nipped straight past him.

‘Uncle Edward!’ wailed the girl.

‘I know Tasha, here he comes again.’

The little tike had indeed effected a u-turn and was coming back past. Edward made a swipe, the urchin altered course to avoid him and blundered straight into a table leg.

Until this moment it had not occurred to Edward how quiet the house had been – an accomplishment considering it was the morning of a wedding and the house was full of groomsmen, parents of the groom and other peripheries all dressing for the big day. It was a quiet, now that he reflected on it, that should have been savoured seeing as it was henceforth convincingly wrenched apart by Charles’ infantile lungs.

Edward squatted down beside the wailing child. ‘There there,’ didn’t seem to cut it somehow, and he was just wondering whether he should try and pick the little fellow up when the child paused to suck in a fresh lungful of air and then screamed, ‘Mummy!’

As far as Edward was concerned, this got him off the hook. If a child bellowed one’s own name, then one was under obligation to render aid – hugs, pats and consolation included. But if the child expressed a firm and deliberate preference for the assistance of another, well what is one to do but find the person the child is calling?

There was no need however. ‘Mummy’ arrived within seconds.

So, there you go. Now it’s your turn. Please share with us a highlight of your week.

P.S. If you’d like to follow my progress, here’s the link to my NaNo WriMo page. Feel free to make me your writing buddy.

P.P.S. If you’re suffering with white page fright or the fear of what your writing will be like, then have a read through some of these quotes about ‘the courage to write’ at A Beautiful Ripple Effect.


Author: Jessica

I'm a writer who refuses to pin myself down to one genre, hopping from science-fiction and fantasy through to literary and even the odd western now and then. Check out what I've written at or follow me on Twitter @jessbaverstock.

18 thoughts on “NaNo WriMo Week 1 Highlights

  1. Oh jessica darling girl i am not doing the ramming nano because i am travelling this month but i am excited that i can submit little bits of my current piece of work. Well excited/terrified. This little wedding day snippet was so tantalising! can’t wait for next sunday! c

    • Please don’t feel terrified. The purpose of this is not to pick our work to pieces (if anyone comments like that I will block) but to share our excitement and discoveries! To take a moment to be proud of what we’ve accomplished this week, which will then spur us on to the week ahead! 🙂

      Glad you liked the snippet. Thanks for telling me.

  2. heh heh heh! Love the excerpt! 🙂 My particular favourite line is the one about the coat tails making the toddler look like an oversized cricket!! And congratulations on the spanking word count! You’re nearly a third of the way there already! Marvellous!

    • Yes, I was so excited when I realised he’d look like a cricket!

      Word count still going well even though I’m traveling at the moment. I just got to write a scene where my character is on an airplane while I was actually flying to Hong Kong.

      Thanks for the encouragement, Melissa!

  3. Alright…so, I’ve heard this rumor that it’s no longer the first week of November…but I don’t believe a word of it! And, by the way–Hello, my darling Jessica, and so VERY many congratulations on your wedding, and I loved, *loved*, LOVED being able to be *present* for a goodly part of it. It was simply, simply beautiful! Give your husband a smile and a hug for me…oh, and a ‘hi!’ might be nice too. Hope I’ll get to meet him someday in the not too terribly distant future. There’s a slim chance my hubby and I might be in New Zealand this summer, but I’m not certain that would increase the likelihood…just…you know…right hemisphere and everything. *giggle*

    Anyhow, even though it isn’t November, and even though what I’ve written this week isn’t my positive loveliest (if I could figure out what I was writing in November, maybe it would be), I thought I’d send you a longish snippet anyhow. It’s marginally related to (shirt-tail relative) a novel I’m mentally preparing to write (and am terrified to start…partially because I keep writing its shirt-tail relatives and feel as if I must finish them before getting on to their more important distant cousin). I’ve discovered that I’m terrible at setting boundaries for my stories. They just sort of spill out everywhere. I wind up wanting to tell the characters’ entire life stories…which gets tangled and complicated and…very interesting, but very, very difficult to finish.

    So. I shall give you a snippet. This particular snippet belongs to the nefarious genre of “fanfiction.” Its shirt-tail relative, the yet unnamed novel shall not…belong to that genre, that is. For I’d like to really publish something someday! But this snippet, the characters are not mine, though the setting, conversation, etc. etc. are:
    A hunched, darkened silhouette could be seen walking quickly along the black, damp asphalt. A sturdy old green truck drove toward the silhouette. It was 4:12 a.m.

    Jess shot wary glances down driveways and side-streets. It was an entirely unnecessary precaution, but old habits stick with you. He shivered. It may have been summer, but the pre-dawn air had chilly breezes, and his temperature had already dropped considerably from lying exposed to the elements for an unknown number of hours. Aside from that, the time he’d spent back in New York had considerably lessened the meat on his bones and that made the cold come easier. Besides, it was easier to think about what might lurk in the darkness of the safe, small-town streets, and think about the frigidness that was keeping his skin in goose bumps than it was to think about the fact that he’d promised Luke things would be different this time – and he couldn’t come up with a single excuse, a single avoidance tactic that would still make it seem like things were different, like he was the good kid, like Luke hadn’t been crazy to take him back after all. The plain and honest truth was, nothing happened. Nothing that was his fault anyway. But it had been his experience in life that usually didn’t matter much. He mentally reviewed the conversation before he left for some kind of loophole. It had been general enough.

    “I’m going.”



    “For what?”

    “To do stuff.”

    “With who?”

    “People. What do you care?”


    “I’m going out. Don’t wait up.”

    “You’ve got the early shift tomorrow…Jess!”

    “Relax. I won’t be that late.”

    He shot a glance at his wristwatch as he walked and grimaced, shifting his shoulders. Only thing left was to cling to a vain hope that Luke actually hadn’t waited up, and was presently snoring loudly. He could sneak in, make sure he woke in time for his shift, and maybe… He saw the truck. *No such luck.*

    Though he tried to keep his gaze elsewhere, in his peripheral vision, he saw the expression behind the windshield go from panic, to relief, to snarling. He sighed heavily.

    After the brakes squeaked a touch as Luke pulled up beside him, the door swung open with force, narrowly missing a connection with his shoulder, and the “Get in!” was made of cold, hard iron. That tone from any other man on the planet would have made Jess bolt. He resisted the urge and climbed awkwardly into the passenger’s seat without making eye contact. He quickly attended to his seat belt, avoiding any additional causes for irritation. He could ill afford them.

    “Where have you been?!” More than anything, he wanted to provide some sort of *everything’s okay* explanation. But, none came to mind. In the second-and-a-half pause, Luke’s face contorted in disgust and indignation. “You’ve been DRINKING!” Jess’ eyes went wide for a second, before he realized the cause of Luke’s logical but mistaken conclusion. “Jess, LOOK AT ME!” He tried to turn his face in the requested direction. His eyes wouldn’t follow. “What in the name of–Jess!” Luke flicked the dome light on. “Jess, you’re bleeding!–or at least you were.” There was dried blood smeared across his face from his nose to about the location of his ear. Jess flicked his face away, revealing the bruises he sported on the other side. “Did you get into a FIGHT? Jess, WHERE have you BEEN?”

    “Can we do this back at the diner?” Jess requested, voice quiet, eyes on the floor about a foot from the stick shift. There was only about a block and a half between the truck and the diner. It seemed like a reasonable thing to ask. Luke’s shoulders settled with a heated sigh through his nostrils. Instead of replying, he reached up and shut off the dome light, then put the truck into gear, with abrupt, stilted movements. Out of the corner of his eye Jess saw Luke swallow, saw the muscles of his face tightened into steel bands. He wondered how long Luke had been looking for him. He wondered if he had a breath of a prayer of staying under Luke’s roof after this. *Shouldn’t have gone to that stupid party in the first place.* He folded his hands in his lap causing his shoulders to stoop forward uneasily.

    Oh, and by the way, I’m in love with the phrases “catching small, chocolate covered children,” and “henceforth convincingly wrenched apart by Charles’ infantile lungs.” And, I quite agree that it is positively delightful that he looks like an oversized cricket! Makes the chirping spectacularly perfect!

    Love you!

    • Oh my Goodness!! Jacksica – that is brilliant! I want to read everything to do with Jess and Luke and fighting and drinking and diners and, well, EVERYTHING!! You say it’s fan fiction – where have those characters been before?
      Anyway, just wanted to say, I LOVED your excerpt – your words, your turn of phrase, smelling the crispness of pre-dawn as I watched the convergence of hunched figure and green truck. I was enraptured.
      Thank you for sharing!!

      • Thank you so much for your lovely beyond lovely words, both here and after my other snippet! They truly put a billion kilowatt smile on my face. 😀 I’ll reply more fully very, very soon, but I’ve got a huge day tomorrow and it’s VERY late. I’ve written lots and lots more and will be happy to share. 🙂

        (And, Jess [Mariano] and Luke [Danes] are from the TV show “Gilmore Girls.”)

      • You prompted me to finish writing the scene. 🙂 You know, just so you could read more to do with Jess and Luke and fighting and drinking and diners…the EVERYTHING part will have to wait a bit. Here’s picking up where I left off:

        The truck clunked into first gear and skraaaaked the parking break in the space behind the diner. The heavy doors rumbled open and banged shut, each in their turn. Jess felt himself steered in through the back entrance by the back of his collar and one shoulder. His jaw tightened at the affront, though it was standard, we’re going to talk about this and we’re going to talk about this right–now–demeanor for Luke, particularly where his nephew was concerned. He found himself roughly seated on wooden crates in the storage room, Luke leaning back against a wall of coffee beans, arms crossed over his chest.

        “Talk!” he barked the command. Jess shifted uncomfortably and his eyes wandered along the jars of mustard and large tubs of peanut butter as his teeth scraped along his lower lip.

        “In here?” he finally choked out, still marginally avoiding Luke’s gaze.

        Luke’s head tipped to one side and his eyebrows raised along with the strained cadence of his voice. “You pick the room, but start talking!”

        Jess’ shoulders twitched once more beneath the weight of strange truths this night had wrought. His blinking eyes sought out the front room, but he wasn’t eager to get bawled out with a nice spotlight and street view. Climbing the stairs to turn around and get lectured didn’t strongly appeal either. So, on second thought, he thought the uncomfortable crates were fine after all. A rough sigh escaped his lungs through his nostrils. It felt the same at seventeen as it had at nine, and seven…and five, for that matter. Force words out so they can hang you with them. Jess had never been much for the spoken word. Of anyone on the planet, Luke should understand that. But, yeah…understanding other things took precedence. He got that. He did. Didn’t make it any easier, though.

        “Jess!” His eyes snapped up, the words that had been nearly ready to come out of his mouth now lodged firmly at the back of his throat. “In about forty-five minutes, there will be an alarm going off upstairs. Do you know what that alarm means?” Jess head sunk in frustration. There was no need to talk to him like an imbecile. “It means that it’s time to get up and get dressed and come down and start opening up the diner!” Jess nodded rhythmically, lips bitten together. “Do you know what I’ve been doing all night, Jess?”

        “Foosball?” the sarcastic reply came before the filter engaged, and it earned a thwack upside the head. His jaws clenched again.

        “I’ve searched every inch of the school grounds and the cemetery, checked the bridge a minimum of 5 times, woken up almost every resident of our fair city, driven down every street multiple times, drove over to Woodbridge, checked back at the diner several times, spoken to the local authorities. They were about to help me start filing a report. I was coming back here to the apartment to see if I could find any pictures of you or anything–you know, in case somebody in town doesn’t know what you look like. And WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?” At the last, Luke put a hand on the wall above Jess’ shoulder, leaning in as if shouting in close proximity would get through to the teenager more effectively.

        “…was a party,” Jess mumbled almost too softly to be heard. Luke pushed off the wall and stood there, grizzled jaw square and hard. His eyes bored into Jess in disbelief, and a pained bark of a laugh escaped his lips. He adjusted his shirtsleeves and straightened his shoulders.

        “A party,” he repeated, quieter, but with Luke, quiet wasn’t reassuring. Blustering was just standard. Quiet was… Quiet wasn’t good. His breaths got shallower and he didn’t talk for several long seconds, though his jaw was working. “A party where you stumble home at almost five in the morning, reeking of beer after a fistfight…” He shook his head at the floor and shifted his weight from one foot to the other. “Boy, who does that sound like? Now, let me see…huh…reminds me of somebody I used to… Oh yeah! THAT’S right…your MOM! You WANNA throw your life away, Jess? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?”

        “I wasn’t drinking!” he corrected, voice a low growl.

        “Oh, no, that’s rose petals I smell! Or, wait, let me guess – somebody dumped it over your head! Yeah, that, must be it! And, I bet you didn’t get into a fight either–”

        “No, I didn’t!” Jess interjected, voice strong and defensive now.

        “–you must’ve fallen down the stairs…or walked into a doorjamb, right?! Jess, I swear to God, I’ve got half a mind to go dig up that old paddle and blister your butt! And, believe me, seventeen or not, I’d do it, if I thought it would do any good!” Luke’s voice was gravel through gritted teeth at the end, almost shaking.

        Jess’ brow crinkled and his head turned downward, Luke’s words having hit their target, and then some. His voice was quiet – humbled, but bitter. “If it’ll make you feel better, go right ahead…” It had been almost two years since somebody had used him as a punching bag. It wasn’t fair to equate Luke’s suggestion to that, but he also couldn’t help the feeling.

        Once again, Luke stared. His eyes were pained, and he spoke slowly. His voice took on a pleading quality. “I don’t punish you…to make me feel better, Jess.”

        Jess looked unseeing through the bags of coffee beans, his voice choked. “Then, leave me alone, ‘cause there’s no other reason.” And he stood and turned as if to walk away, but Luke caught his shoulder and pinned him back in the position he’d been before, and his eyes closed, shutting the image of his uncle out.

        “Jess… Tell me…what happened,” Luke insisted.

        Jess’ lips tightened in anger and frustration. He laughed voicelessly, eyes opening with raised eyebrows as he addressed the concrete floor, tone soft and lightly sarcastic. “You don’t believe me, so why should I talk?”

        “Give me a reasonable explanation, and I might start believing you.”

        Jess sighed heavily. “I was at a party. Some guy punched me out and shoved me into the drink table, which did – pour it all over me. You can believe me or not believe me – doesn’t change a thing.”

        “Why did he punch you?”

        “Because he thought I was hitting on his girlfriend.”

        “Were you?”

        “Maybe.” He paused. “No… Sort of. More like she was hitting on me. And I didn’t know her. And I didn’t know him. And, if I had known it was some kind of lover’s quarrel, I would have stayed out of it.” Luke’s eyebrows raised. “Look, I’m sorry I stayed out so late, all right? I’m sorry you practically turned the county upside down and lost a night of sleep.” Luke’s head dropped, though his jaw didn’t drop clear to the floor, it was clear that an apology was the last thing he expected.

        “Then why did you stay out all night?”

        “Give me a break, Luke! I headed home as soon as I came to.” He honestly didn’t know what more could be expected.

        “You were unconscious?!” Luke was flabbergasted.

        “Last I checked, that’s what the term ‘punched me out’ implies,” Jess’ mild sarcasm returned.

        “For HOW LONG?”

        “Kinda hard to tell when you’re – I dunno – unconscious!” Jess emphasized, wide-eyed.

        Luke stopped dead still for about three seconds. Then he stepped forward, pulling Jess to his feet and steering him back the way they’d come. “All right, that’s it. Let’s go.”

        “Go where?” Jess knew that his uncle was a man of action, and he hardly had room to complain that the guy didn’t talk much, but he wished at this moment that explanations were more forthcoming and preceded such actions instead of following them, or not coming at all. And that moment taught him just a bit why everybody got so frustrated with *him.*

        “The hospital,” Luke answered abruptly, continuing to march his nephew toward the truck, the storeroom door slowing him down very little.

        “That’s ridiculous!”

        “That’s what you do when your kid prob’ly has a concussion.” He already had Jess back outside and halfway to the truck.

        “So they can charge you one hundred to five hundred dollars after we sit there for four hours, to tell you that I might have a concussion, and that you should take me home and watch me and don’t let me go to sleep for a few hours, and come back if I start vomiting, or pass out or anything.” Luke came to an abrupt halt. “So, we go back inside. I start the morning shift, so I don’t go to sleep for a few hours. You watch me. And you bring me to the hospital if I start vomiting, or pass out our anything.” Luke hated to admit the kid was right. He hated to make him work if he might be hurt. But, he was right that he probably would fall asleep if he didn’t keep active. He sighed deeply, finally releasing the boy from his grip.

        “We’ll both open up.”

        “Thank you!”

        “Cut the smart aleck,” Luke ordered mildly. Jess rolled his eyes, looking away. “You’ll take a fifteen minute break every hour, sitting at the counter where I can watch you.” Jess lifted his eyes skyward and sighed. “And, from now on, when I ask you where you’re going, you tell me.”

        Jess gave him a prolonged stare that asked, ‘are you serious?’

        “Don’t push it!” Luke warned him, sticking an index finger toward Jess’ face. Jess sighed again and turned to walk back into the diner.

        “Whatever you say, Uncle Luke.” His voice faded as he walked away.

        “And you are not going anywhere near the fryer!” Luke followed him inside.

        “Whatever you say, Uncle Luke.”

        “Or the sink,” he continued, becoming less and less reasonable and more and more paranoid the more steps they took.

        “Whatever you say, Uncle Luke.” They were now in the main part of the diner, Jess turning to get an order pad and unlock the register.

        “Or pouring hot coffee.”

        “Cold coffee only. Got it.” Jess nodded, sticking a pencil behind his ear.

        “You know what I–” Luke began, objecting.

        “Whatever you s–”

        “Will you stop…saying that!”

        Jess bit back a smirk. “Whatever you say, Uncle Luke.” Luke stepped forward, nearly smacking him upside the head before he clearly remembered the possible concussion and pulled back guiltily, clearing his throat and ducking back into the kitchen to start prepping eggs. Jess laughed and shook his head as he began to fill the coffee machine. It was perking nicely when he heard his uncle’s voice muted from the kitchen, grumbling at the stove to get it to cooperate. Luke would always be Luke. Jess walked over to unlock the door and turn over the ‘closed’ sign. As the door fell closed again on its own, jingling the bell as it did so, Jess looked down at the floor smiling softly. Just then, the smile vanished and Jess looked up because Luke emerged from the kitchen with a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. He set it on the counter.

        “Eat,” he ordered abruptly and disappeared into the kitchen again. Jess’ eyes smiled, and the corners of his mouth joined in very subtly. It would take a goodly amount of torture for him to admit it, but he was awfully glad Luke would always be Luke.

      • Thank you so much for finishing the scene! We can all breathe a little easier now we know Jess is okay…unless he starts vomiting or passing out… 😛

        I especially liked the line “the words that had been nearly ready to come out of his mouth now lodged firmly at the back of his throat.” I know exactly how that feels. Well described!

      • Thank you so much for your lovely compliments, my dear!

        *giggling almost uncontrollably*

        Proof that this is a rough draft, and rough drafts tend to be, well… rough: The proprietor of a diner would be HIGHLY unlikely to send a seventeen-year-old out to wait on his customers with a face both bruised and smeared in dried blood and his clothes reeking of alcohol, unless he was eager to be quickly shut down by the Department of Public Health and soon thereafter receive a visit from Child Protective Services…*rolls eyes and puts head in hands* I think that needs to be rewritten *ahem* JUST A BIT.

      • Lol! I hadn’t thought of that. Was too busy enjoying the scene! Only needs a teeny weeny fix though… One line at the very end…

        Luke poked his head back out of the kitchen, “Oh, & take a shower before you scare the customers.”

        There! All fixed! 😛

        I’ll reply properly in a couple of hours. Currently running late for an appointment… 😦

      • And ends it on a perfectly comedic note! 😀 All in one sentence. Can I keep you? You know…to get me out of all my quandries and self-inflicted scrapes? I would be eternally grateful! Eternally…really. Eternity is a long time, but that’s how long I would be grateful. 🙂

        Oh, and did I mention…YOU’RE AWESOME!

      • Heh heh heh!! What a sweetie! Of course you can keep me. I like being kept! 😀

        I must warn you, I’m not that useful. I wear out my welcome rather quickly. 😦

        Thank you so much for finishing that scene!! It was fantastic! I must admit to being rather let down when you told me that Luke and Jess were from the Gilmore Girls (despite the fact that I love the series and am the proud owner of all episodes!). I think it was because the initial excerpt you offered gave absolutely no details about either of them, so I had pictured in my mind various scenarios, e.g. they were brothers, Jess being an ex-cop/spy/criminal from NY with a drinking problem who could never get a handle on his life and Luke was the brother with the perfect 2.3 children and small town accountancy practise who just seemed to get life ‘right’. Something dark and gritty and terribly exciting. Something mysterious. Then you said Gilmore Girls and suddenly it became bright and perky family affair with a dash of drama.

        BUT!!!!! Reading the second excerpt and re-reading the original, now that I know who Jess and Luke are and am able to visualise the scene anew, I think it shows even more skill!! Jess’ character was really well written – sarcastic, quick-witted, edgy, dark eyes saying more then his mouth would. And Luke… ahhh, your masterpiece. I *particularly* like the line:
        “He shook his head at the floor and shifted his weight from one foot to the other.”
        SUCH a Luke thing to do!!! Brilliant!

        Again, thank you for sharing and thank you for completing the scene!!

      • I just have to poke my nose in at this point and mention that I have found Melissa VERY useful, especially when it comes to feedback on creative works. 😉 She always has an insight to offer.

  4. Oh, and…um…was that where I was supposed to post said snippet?

    • Wow! Thank you so much for sharing that snippet! I would love to know more, both about this story and its distant cousin! Very interesting.

      This is exactly the right place to post said snippet. 😉 All good.

      I hope you make it to NZ. I hear it’s a beautiful place to visit. Unfortunately it’s no longer the ‘right hemisphere’ because hubby and I are now in China. But there are plenty of other charming people who live down under. 😉

    • Oh, and can I express extreme interest in how a fan-fiction story of Luke and Jess from the Gilmore Girls has sprouted a distant cousin novel idea? Will either Luke or Jess feature in your novel? Or is one of the characters from your novel in some way inspired by Luke or Jess?

      Yours in curiousity,


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