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Guest Post on Word Strumpet


Just a quick message to let you all know about my guest post over at Word Strumpet.

A couple of weeks ago I was reading Charlotte Rains Dixon’s newsletter. She mentioned how we often tell stories about ourselves, but how some of these stories can be quite negative and slowly erode our self-esteem. She mentioned 5 steps to dealing with this problem:

  1. Observe – Make a note of the stories you tell.
  2. Write About It – Pull your story apart.
  3. Assign it to a Character – Use your story as one of your character’s stories.
  4. Consider All the Elements – Look for the main elements, characters, themes, plot, action.
  5. Write a New Story

I tried out the five steps on one of my stories and really enjoyed the process. The guest post is about my journey through those steps. Enjoy!

Oh, and check out my new photo!


Author: Jessica

I'm a writer who refuses to pin myself down to one genre, hopping from science-fiction and fantasy through to literary and even the odd western now and then. Check out what I've written at or follow me on Twitter @jessbaverstock.

4 thoughts on “Guest Post on Word Strumpet

  1. Thanks for your great guest post at my blog, Jessica!

  2. This makes enormous sense, i shall look more closely at my work and apply these 5 steps. it has always worried me how much of myself to allow into my work but I am writing it so how can i keep myself out!? c

    • I personally love your writing and think that one of the reasons it’s so special is because of how much of yourself you put into it. Your experience, passion and optimism are part of your writing voice, and that’s why we love to read your work!

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