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Contemplating Insanity? Tips 1 and 2. Get Yourself Some Comfort Food and Sunshine

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A freshly cooked pie sitting on the window sill

The following post is an excerpt from the e-book entitled Tips for Those Contemplating Insanity. Please feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions!


It’s amazing how much rosier a day looks after a good meal. Food provides comfort, nourishment and sugar!

Here’s a quick checklist:

  • Make sure you’re eating well – Eat nutritious meals at regular times. (I’ve had whole days go wrong just because I messed up breakfast.)
  • Spoil yourself from time to time – Give yourself a treat (not enough to alarm the conscience, just enough to remind you of the joys of food).
  • Try some good ol’ home cooking – Cooking can be therapeutic. Clear the kitchen counter, pull out your favourite recipe and get creative!
  • Take comfort from your food – Choose dishes that will give relief from your current environment. If the weather’s hot, try a long, cool glass of lemonade and a scoop of sorbet. If the weather’s cold, try a nice warm mug of hot chocolate and a dollop of pudding.
  • Savour – Whenever possible, sit down and just concentrate on eating. Avoid rushing and stressing during your meal. Enjoy the colours, flavours and smells.
 A Tip to Remember

Sometimes food can influence us for the worse. If your times of insanity follow certain meals, try varying dishes and ingredients to see if there’s any difference.


The outdoors (on a good day) also does wonders for your frame of mind. Fresh air is good for the lungs, vitamin D is good for the body and sunlight improves mood.

So if you spot some sunshine, get out and lap it up. Better still, take your snack and drink outside. (Just be careful of UV rays. Perhaps best to try this before 10 am and after 4 pm or sit in the shade.)


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