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The Spanish ship in question

I have returned from Hong Kong! Unfortunately this marks the beginning of a super busy month, so my blogging schedule is going to suffer. I apologise in advance and hope to be back to ‘normal’ in November.

Looking back on my holiday, I realise how many creative principles I’ve put into practice in such a short period of time. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to recap some of the topics we’ve been discussing in this blog.

This was my second trip to Hong Kong. When preparing for my first trip, I stressed out about all the public transport I had to take to get to my destination. But this time I only had to find one bus and then sit on it for an hour while HK passed by the windows. I was determined to revel in the journey, and it was indeed a lovely ride. Everywhere I looked was a feast for the eyes. Interesting people, places, signs, landscapes.

I once again learned the joys of getting lost/discovering streets and back alleys. During one evening stroll, my brother and I found an hysterical sign (I couldn’t get a good photo of it so I can’t share) which kept us giggling for a good five minutes and then we toddled a little further until we came across a replica Spanish sailing ship (I want to say galleon but I’m not quite sure if it is, having forgotten everything I read about it at the time). The ship, pictured above, is fully operational, and there were guys up in the rigging at the time. Unfortunately, we were there too late to get the tour, but I was happy enough just to look from ashore.

Ocean Park cable carsI again experienced how music tints my world. My brother and I were riding the cable car at Ocean Park, which takes about 10 minutes and passes over lush green hills while giving you a fantastic view of the surrounding islands. As much fun as that was going over, for the trip coming back I decided to see if I could enhance the experience with a little music. We chose ‘Arrival to Earth’ from the Transformers score (Steve Jablonsky) and ‘The Egg Travels’ from Dinosaur (James Newton Howard). Those two songs turned what had simply been an enjoyable ride into an epic journey. Have you tried something similar? (And if you haven’t told us about your theme song yet, please pop over here and let us know!)

So my trip to HK was successful, even though I got nothing done on any of my creative projects. I still feel I had a ‘creatively fulfilling’ trip.

Have you had any creatively fulfilling moments recently?


Author: Jessica

I'm a writer who refuses to pin myself down to one genre, hopping from science-fiction and fantasy through to literary and even the odd western now and then. Check out what I've written at or follow me on Twitter @jessbaverstock.

4 thoughts on “Creative Recap

  1. You are very brave to take that tram ride, I’d be terrified as I have a fear of heights, and thus it would not be a creative moment for me, fear being the opposite of creativity.

    I had a fulfilling creative moment this week when, on my morning walk, I realized several of the items on my to-do list that I thought were must-dos, were actually just my ego talking. Yes, they needed to be done, but eventually, not on that day, and in reality the only person standing between me and my writing time was, well, me. This is why taking walks is good for me and my creativity.

    • Oh yes, not a good place to be if you’re afraid of heights. They did have an underground train too.

      Congratulations on your fulfilling creative moment. It sounds very relieving. 🙂

  2. I miss you Creativity, I know work must happen but will be happy when you return.

    I was wondering what the progress is on the mysterious oval.

    And I can’t decide on a theme song.

    • We’re back and hopefully will return to routine shortly, which will include an update on the mysterious oval.

      Why not choose a couple of theme songs (specific to the days of the week, or your moods, or the colour of your clothes)? Or put up your shortlist and we’ll give you feedback. We’re happy to help out.

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