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What is Your Theme Song?


Girl listening to musicI’m off travelling this week – another visa exit to Hong Kong.

In the mean time, I’d like to give you a question to think about: What is your theme song?

I’m not talking about your favourite song. I’m talking about the song you feel sums you up, that expresses your personality in musical form. The song you’d like playing behind you as you walk down the street.

Mine is ‘Jessica’ by The Allman Brothers Band, for obvious reasons.

What about yours? Have a think about it and let us know.


Author: Jessica

I'm a writer who refuses to pin myself down to one genre, hopping from science-fiction and fantasy through to literary and even the odd western now and then. Check out what I've written at or follow me on Twitter @jessbaverstock.

8 thoughts on “What is Your Theme Song?

  1. For me: Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.”

  2. This reminds me a little of the bit in “Eat, Pray, Love,” when Elizabeth Gilbert is asked to figure out what one single word describes her. In the movie, it took her the entire film to come up with it. I’m going to have to mimic ole Liz and do some thinking on this. I love J.D.’s theme song of “Wicked Game” though!

    • Okay, Charlotte, you get 12 hours. This is not an international conference on nuclear proliferation. There is also that I can’t wait to see what little ditty pegs you.

    • So, has your J.D. imposed deadline revealed anything? I’m also dying to know what you’d pick (and I’m sure you can change it as many times as you like).

  3. You know how difficult a question that is? I mean goodness. ‘Tis super-difficult trying distinguish what defines me and what I’d like to be defined as. I’ll listen to a tune of much epic-ness, one with a roaring treble line and a kettle-drum percussionist playing it like there’s gold hidden in the body of the instrument, and I’ll think immediately to myself, “YES! The implied virtues (courage, endurance, strength and aweshum) are so what I’d like to be represented as having!” But then the realisation hits you that you don’t posses any of those qualities in the measure the song claims you do. … 😀
    I haven’t yet found a theme that so accurately yells, “Evan!” as your theme so precisely announces, “Jessica!”
    Still, this one song comes very close: Ode To Joy – Performed by Beaker

    Very close indeed.

    • It is indeed a difficult question. I’m just pleased I came across the answer by chance. (Actually it was handed to me by my dad.)

      I also get what you mean about the difference between what defines you now and what you’d like to be defined as. I suppose there’s no harm in choosing multiple songs, each for a different purpose. 😉 Although, sometimes when you find the right song, you discover you possess more ‘qualities’ than you realised.

      I love you choice of song! I do believe Beaker is my second favourite muppet.

      My absolute favourite, in case you were wondering, is Pepe the King Prawn.

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