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The Mystery Continues

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The oval continues to mystify

I’m into my second week of work deadlines so no time for writing posts at the moment. We hope to be back to our normal programming next week.

In the meantime, I give you a photo of the mysterious oval as of this morning. They’ve been covering it with dark gravel…whatever that means.

Wooden scaffolding perhaps?Also, I noticed over in the ‘top left’ corner of the oval they’ve put up some sort of wooden structure, but I can’t see it clearly enough to work out exactly what’s going on there. (Excuse quality of photograph. I’ve only got a little digital camera and the ground is 22 storeys away.)

Anyone have any ideas of what it could be?

P.S. While there doesn’t seem to be┬ámuch progress from this angle, the street outside the school has gone through some very noticeable changes. I’ll try include photos of that soon (not that I think it will reveal the mystery, but you never know).


Author: Jessica

I'm a writer who refuses to pin myself down to one genre, hopping from science-fiction and fantasy through to literary and even the odd western now and then. Check out what I've written at or follow me on Twitter @jessbaverstock.

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