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7 thoughts on “Ride Your Creative Wave

  1. Thank you for this….it is inspiring.

    Multi-tasking when writing is exactly what I do. I am currently working on an [adult] novel where at the moment the story is continuing in my head because I keep getting distracted by other children’s story ideas.

    I’ve got so many bits of paper with ideas, but eventually they will be re-visited and become stories and published (I hope!)


    • I hope you’re keeping all those bits of paper in a safe place. I usually end up losing the one piece of paper which is the key to the story. In the end I started a book and recorded them all there so I wouldn’t lose them…unless I lose the book.

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  4. This speaks to the benefit of having several creative projects going at once, which I think most of us creative types do. The problem is for me to remember to switch, instead of sitting grumpily staring at the computer when the words won’t come. Thanks for the reminder, Creativity!

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