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Creativity Update


Today’s been especially busy so I haven’t had time to write my usual post. So instead, I’d like to invite you to tell us about your latest Creativity Project. What are you and your Creativity working on right now? It can be anything from writing your novel to deciding the best way to clean your kitchen exhaust fan. Please share.

I’ll go first. Creativity and I had a wonderful day yesterday working on the second draft of my novel. We rewrote the first chapter and edited the next 20 pages. Because of that my house is in complete disarray and I have no blog post. But boy it was nice to get some headway on my project.

Okay, now your turn. Tell us what you’ve been working on. 🙂


Author: Jessica

I'm a writer who refuses to pin myself down to one genre, hopping from science-fiction and fantasy through to literary and even the odd western now and then. Check out what I've written at or follow me on Twitter @jessbaverstock.

8 thoughts on “Creativity Update

  1. will my current post, Hi! Are you ok? and the matching earrings i made, will pass for creativity? cheers 🙂

  2. I’m preparing for Killer Nashville, a writing conference. The conference is actually in Franklin, a Nashville suburb. I plan on driving there in the early morning hours of August 21. In the meantime, I am wading through my comedic thriller, trying to make it just so. I get a short pitch with an agent as part of my registration. Each day, I get a little tighter.

  3. For a while now I’ve been waiving my Creativity off for purposes of concentration. His buoyant disposition happens to distract me from my more menial (and yet o’ so necessary) tasks.
    That seems to have changed recently though, as I’ve just received a very special gift from an equally dear friend of mine. A gift that has got my Creativity laying siege to my focus with a 1st century battering-ram. The gift itself is a journal-come-notebook with nothing but a healthy slab of empty, warm-yellow coloured pages between it’s brass-button secured brown-leather bindings. 😀
    Needless to say (I’m hoping the description given isn’t too small to emphasise it’s awesomeness) it’s charm and source have got my Creativity and I spilling over with ideas with which to fill it.
    The hardest part is finding which ideas are worthy of being inscribed on it’s pages. Creativity would love all ideas to go down in permanent red-pen ink. I’m tempted to tell him to jump into a roving lake of custard, I can’t bring myself to write un-sorted, un-categorized and un-edited drivel into it!
    So I’m most definitely in the thoughtful creativity incubatory process of my creative project at the moment; keeping the sponge soaking for new ideas and letting them marinade nice n’ good. Maybe then I’ll unleash something onto the (as yet unprinted) page.

    • Sounds like an awesome journal! 😉 I also find the prospect of filling awesome journals a little daunting for the first couple of pages. I want to keep my handwriting neat and the pages as pristine as possible. Unfortunately, my Creativity just doesn’t work that way. Things get messy and random very quickly – but in the long run it’s better.

      So don’t wait too long before unleashing your unsorted, uncategorized and unedited drivel onto the page. By waiting, you might be doing yourself out of an opportunity to discover new ideas as they flow out your pen. 😉

  4. Super big bravo and round of applause on your progress!!! Inspired by your link to the slow reading article I am trying some slow writing. I am stepping back from quantity and going to just write for the enjoyment of it. Hoping to be soothed by the slow flow of magnificent words.

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