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Does Your Creativity Have a Name?


So hopefully by now you’ve at least got some idea of who your Creativity is and where he or she lives. But, do you know your Creativity’s name?

“Creativity? I thought her name was Creativity.”

And if she (or he) is okay with you calling her Creativity, then that’s fine. But sometimes your Creativity has a pet name. I have several. I’m called ‘Tivity’ or ‘Tiv’ for short, and sometimes, when I’m going undercover, I’m called ‘Treya Vitic.’ If you look really closely, you’ll notice that’s the letters of Creativity all swapped around. There’s a fancy word for it, but I can never think of what it is. Which is why I work in Imagination and not the Motor Cortex.

What about your Creativity? Is he called Mr. Creativity to you? Or perhaps Hoopla the Yellow Bunny? Uncle Fuzzy?

What does your Creativity call herself/himself? What do you call her/him? They’re not always the same name. Ask and see what happens. After which, comment and tell me all about it.


13 thoughts on “Does Your Creativity Have a Name?

  1. I guess my creativity would be the way I often refer to how I approach writing my bolg.I look in my mind(yikes) to see what the Wandering Wordsmith has collected for processing. So if I’m understanding the point correctly my creativity’s name would be The Wandering Wordsmith…Yes???

  2. Her name is Joy; she’s sharp.

  3. intelligent, perhaps she can be pointy too. i also think she’s a bit of a tomboy haha

  4. You know, I’m going to have to ponder this. My critic has a name–he is Patrick, and he is a little imp in a green elf costume. He likes to come out at inappropriate times and taunt me, but I tell him to go away until its time to edit.

    I’ve probably hurt my creativity’s feelings by paying so much attention to my critic. Better rectify the situation.

    • Ah yes. Our Inner Critic is often more vocal than our Creativity, and it is very easy to give more attention to IC than to C. But more on that in another post.

      At least you’ve found a good use for your Inner Critic. That’s half the battle.

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  5. I havn’t been able to coax a name out of my creativity yet. She just looks at me with a superior sort of smile. As if to say, “I bet you would like to know wouldn’t you. Go on have a guess.”

    I havn’t guessed yet.

    And she is smiling like the cat that got the mouse and the cream.

    • Ah yes, I know that smile well. The kind that makes the hand itch.

      However, among my Creativity’s many ‘childish’ habits is the inability to keep secrets for too long. If she gets excited about something, she’ll often let slip. Perhaps this is a weakness your Creativity also has, and given the right circumstances she might just crack.

      Or take the Queen vs Rumpelstiltskin approach and be sneaky.

  6. You have me thinking.

    At first I thought, “What’s going on here? Should I be worried? Sounds like Jessica has a bit of a multiple personality problem here.”

    I decided not to worry. I just let your idea roll around in my subconscious for a day or so. Then it struck me – When I get an inspiration for a tune and I hum it aloud, or for a line of lyrics and sing it out loud, invariably I give an audible comment to my creative self. “Well, that was pretty awful,” or “I like it!” or “Okay, so far, so good. But what comes next?” And frequently the creative self will answer. “I don’t know. I just have to wait until inspiration hits again. It’s not something you can force.” Or it will answer with a few more notes or words. Oh, my goodness. There IS another someone in there.

    What is its name? I should say, what is HER name? Why HER? Because I call her by my first name. And she obviously accepts that name, because she answers. It’s not the same as when other people call me by that name. They don’t know HER. They only know ME. Or they think we are one and the same.

    All right. Now you can start worrying about ME. 🙂

    • You’re getting the hang of it! 😀 Isn’t it amazing to discover Creativity as a character in your head and realise she’s been there all the time? And the more you think about it, the more you realise you know so much about her that you’ve taken for granted.

      Great to hear about your discovery! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  7. I don’t know why I didn’t know from the first. My kindred Creativity is named “Iscah.” I truly have known this for some time, though not calling her a separate entity. I have a website called “Iscah Designs,” a file on my computer entitled “Iscah’s Poetry.” Why? Because it is another name which I use for myself . . . my creative self. It is the Hebrew name from which Shakespeare derived/invented the name Jessica.

    “That you should know me, and yet, not know me…” she gently chides.

    I think that was an almost quote from Benedick . . . ah, yes, after Beatrice had taunted him when they were all masked for the party. “Touche, my dear.”

    So far the little sprite continues to call herself Angelica, no matter how I tsk…tsk and tell her that she’s no little angel. Ah, well.

    The “rebel” . . . when I asked her what her name was, she leveled her eyes at me, glaring, and uttered, “Jade” in a tone which said, “You had to ask?” and rolled it’s eyes. (“it” is the tone, not Jade….yes, tones can have eyes).

    So, we’re making progress. Iscah is busy about creating her workshop, adding on spaces for Angelica and Jade to occupy. The gentle soul insists that they should all be connected, as they so often work together. Jade doesn’t like the idea, but departs with a “whatever!”, little dreaming how well Iscah knows her and will create a space that fits her to a “T.” Little Angelica is quite pleased to let Iscah do the work, but follows her around piping up with ideas, requests, demands. “There must be butterflies! Lots of them! And, a waterfall, like in butterfly world! You remember butterfly world, don’t you? Jessica took us there, and YOU never wanted to leave. I loved it, but after awhile I wanted to go see the birds . . . but you would have stayed there for hours! And cotton candy! We need cotton candy! And popsicles that will turn our tongues all different colors! Well you don’t HAVE TO turn your tongue different colors, but *I* do! In fact, I want to be able to turn my hair different colors too! Oh! Oh! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try black hair with peacock green and blue highlights! Wouldn’t that be BEAUTIFUL!!! I bet Jade would do it with me! You can be so boring and traditional…I love you just the same, but you can be dull about such things. Certain things Jade understands better. Most things, you do – but, some things, Jade does. And RIDES! We should have RIDES!!! BIG, TALL, SCARY ONES, AND ONES THAT TURN YOU UPSIDE DOWN, AND ONES THAT DROP YOU FROM ALMOST THE SKY SO YOUR STOMACH LANDS IN YOUR THROAT!!!”

    Is it any wonder that I realized Angelica was there first??? She makes me laugh. *sigh* Sometimes, she makes it impossible for me to get anything done though. You know…practical things. Ah well. I’ve gone quite a bit beyond names in this comment. But once I let my Creativities out, they tend to run away with me. 🙂

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