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Taming and Training Your Creativity to Write Abundantly

Learn to Tame and Train Your Creativity to Perform ‘On Demand’

Are You Still Waiting to Be Inspired by the Mysterious Muse?

You struggle to get into the writing ‘zone.’ In fact, you’re suffering from writer’s block. The more you concentrate on your writing, the worse your writing gets.

You’re waiting for the muse to grace you with its presence, but it’s a no show. You figure it must be off with the more famous (or better looking) writers and you’re once again left on your own with a blank page.

After half an hour wracking your brain for even a decent sentence, you finish your writing time frustrated and unfulfilled.

Does this describe your day?

The good news is: You don’t have to wait around for the muse to strike!

You can take inspiration into your own hands and take control of your writing life!

Creativity on Demand coverIn this free e-book, Creativity on Demand, you can learn how to:

– Be creative in your own way, when you choose. Understand how your own Creativity works and harness that power when you need it.

– Create personalised writer’s block busters. By understanding your Creativity, you can identify what’s causing your creative blocks and the best way for you to overcome them.

– Shut off your inner editor and write at your best. Replace that hyper-critical voice with a new, excited and motivating voice which will inspire you to write better.

– Make your unique mark on the world. Realise you don’t have to wait on a mysterious muse. You have exclusive access to your Creativity whenever you want.

Click here toΒ get your copy and start unlocking your unique creative potential!

What Others Are Saying About It

AΒ light-hearted, memorable approach to what otherwise can be some dry advice. Creativity on Demand is a good refresher for experienced writers and ideal for beginning writers. – Susan Ohrberg, freelance copy editor and proofreader.

Get your free copy of Creativity on Demand now.

25 thoughts on “Learn to Tame and Train Your Creativity to Perform ‘On Demand’

  1. Thanks for the ebook, look forward to seeing more on your website.

  2. Oh. My. Word, Jessica. I came over here after reading your comment on the Square-Peg People site – about using a drum throne when you record. I wanted to HEAR you! Well, what double pleasure – I get to hear you AND see you! Ok, heading to the e-book sign up thing right now — so lovely to see (and hear) you!

  3. Thank you, Karen! I love watching the video on your site about What Makes a Square-Peg Square. If I’m having a bad day, I head over to your site and play it. It gives me warm fuzzies each time! πŸ™‚

  4. Jessica, I love what you have going on here! Great video and can’t wait to read the ebook!

  5. I loved the Ebook, i really taught me some smooth tactics. i Know i’m going to like your blog.

  6. I might give it a go, writers block isnt the issue. More always under words.:/

    • Hi, Sarah. I hope the e-book is able to help you out. Perhaps you could send me a personal e-mail regarding the issue you’re facing and we can brainstorm some solutions together. πŸ™‚

  7. Thanks, Jessica. I found you from a comment you left on Kristen Lamb is a good friend of mine that I met via Facebook right after I got my first novel published. I just downloaded your e-book on Creativity and have finshed reading it. While creativity has never been a real issue for me, picturing My Creativity as a “physical entity” has given my some new insight on how to improve my craft. I have subscribed to your blog post and have followed you on Twitter. I think you have some terrific advice for all of us who have chossen to be professional writers. Thanks again and if you would like to check out my website, find me at

    • I’m so glad you found the e-book helpful! It’s funny how we so often picture our Inner Editor as a “physical entity” but not our Creativity.

      Congratulations on your retirement. How exciting to have more time for writing. I hope you get some positive results from the writing contests you’ve entered.

  8. Thank you Jessica for the insightful Ebook, which I enjoyed greatly and followed your guidance and in a few days connected with my Creative. Wow! She has been with me more and less all my life. Vicki is her name…she was Queen Victoria, who with Mother nature guided me along the banks of the Amazon River and along the flower paths in the 40 acre woods behind our house in Lenox, Massachusetts in 1950. What a fun reunion we had, looking back at all the adventures my creative cheered me on through, some of them I wrote freelance about and had not troubles writing then. Life got very busy and I was doing the “mature” thing and getting all set up for retirement when my Endocrine System failed me somewhat and I have been on Sick leave for 18 months. Being so close to retirement…which is when I was going to start writing my memoir stories, I wanted to start them while laid up…but nothing happened. I thought I was simple shut down too long while doing the sensible thing. Thank you Jessica for the great boost and guidance. Vicki and I have been writing away, and having fun in a creative life around it too…despite the severe limitation of energy. If I never get my energy back…I know that with Vicki, I can write.

    • I’m so very happy that you and Vicki have been reunited. It sounds like you have been through some incredible adventures together. I wish you many more wonderful discoveries in your writing life with Vicki!

  9. I’d love to receive your up-to-date Baverstock’s Allsorts Volume 1.

  10. Thank you for sharing. I’m thinking that you could subsitute the word ‘creativity’ with ‘imagination’. I always thought it to be my imagination where I get my ideas. Most of my imagination comes from dreams. And you are right about quickly writing them down before they escape. I have to get up in the middle of the night a lot. My wife is a lite sleeper and awakes wondering what I am doing. My line has been “Got a cramp dear” or Got gas honey, go back to sleep.” Now she thinks I need to see a doctor for having so many cramps and always full of gas.

    • Hi, NM, thanks for your comment. I see what you mean about imagination. I think of Imagination as the place where my Creativity hangs out. πŸ™‚

      I sometimes get up in the middle of the night with ideas too! It’s that special time when inspiration regularly hits.

  11. What a great video! I love how lively you were and how much you smiled. I just ordered the e-book and look forward to reading it. This is exciting! I would love to know more about what you write and connect to you more with thoughts on writing. Please check out my new WordPress blog:


    • Thanks! πŸ™‚ I’m glad you enjoyed the video.

      I haven’t received a notification that you’ve completed the sign up and received the book. If you have any problems, just let me know and we can sort it out.

      If you’d like to know more about what I write, you can check out the Creativity’s Workshop blog (by clicking the Blog link at the top of this page) or my author website

      I love the title of your blog!

  12. Jessica, on writing times…

    From school, we remember 40-minute time slots. I never allowed students to sit for longer: even in a “double period” they stretched, walked around for a minute or so.

    I have since found the benefit for myself. I use a 40-minute timer. After each period I stop. If things are going badly, that is the ( now hardly-ever) limit to my patience. And when I am going well, I am motivated to resume.

    • Great suggestion, Adrian! Getting out of the chair and moving around is so important for long-term productivity. Some of us get into the habit of drinking tea or water regularly so our 40 minute breaks are naturally occurring. πŸ˜‰

  13. Whenever I want the muse to appear, I sit down in the chair and start writing. Unless I get those visits during hikes, bike rides, showers… but even those come after spending some hours in that chair writing.

  14. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much for your insights and making it available for free. Great read!

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